Trade Secrets

Many business entities owe their success to a special formula, proprietary technology, manufacturing technique or another service that competitors would find hard to replicate without the knowledge of the trade secret.

The Uniform Trade Secrets Act and similar laws were created to define and protect trade secrets. The United States, individual states and other countries have their own versions of this law, but generally the idea is to protect an idea or information that has economic value. Obviously, this is easier said than done, particularly as a company grows and others become familiar with the protected information.

Based in San Francisco, Rhodes LLP is a law firm that specializes in various areas of intellectual property protection. We can help tech companies, manufacturers and others concerned with maintaining trade secrets navigate this complex area of law.

Some Basics To Consider

Our services go well beyond security concerns to understanding how the law can work to protect your business interests domestically and internationally. However, there are some basics to be used as a starting point:

  • Determine what needs to remain secret
  • Keep track of all paperwork regarding these trade secrets
  • Secure the company site and particularly computers and other places where information is stored
  • Keep nondisclosure contracts with vendors and avoid providing them with more information than is needed
  • Educate employees about use and nondisclosure agreements
  • Use of caution when entering an international market

How We Can Help

Trade secrets can and sometimes do fall into the wrong hands. At Rhodes LLP, our attorneys can help educate businesses and staff. We can also advise when there is suspected misappropriation or illegal use of your intellectual property. We can then assist with the next steps to protecting you or your company.

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