Strategic IP Counseling And IP Due Diligence

Navigating intellectual property law is challenging. This is where strategic IP counseling and IP due diligence comes into play.

Based in San Francisco, the intellectual property attorneys at Rhodes LLP serve startups as well as established small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. Each client is different, so we tailor our proactive IP guidance and due diligence so that our clients see where they need to go and what steps they need to take to get there.

IP Strategies That Work For You

Strategy is an important part of protecting your intellectual property. We tailor ours differently each time to fit the unique needs of the client. Whether it is a startup with an innovative new technology or a business looking to move into an established market, we understand the importance of a successful IP implementation. We work with clients to develop a tailored approach to reaching these goals.

Due Diligence Is Crucial To Strategic Planning

We have hands-on experience that goes beyond doing a search of target companies' IP. Using our wealth of IP knowledge and our nearly five decades of experience as IP lawyers, we can work with you to determine the strength of a particular technology, patent or trademark portfolio. We do this by reviewing the competitor's IP position and your potential advantage in the marketplace landscape. This also brings to light any issues regarding infringement, validity and potential options for design-arounds to assess the strength of a particular IP portfolio. This may be useful during acquisition, merger, and licensing discussions and in assessing the IP landscape in a given technological field. In short, due diligence allows your businesses to identify problems while they can still be solved quickly and inexpensively.

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