Patent Portfolio Management

A coherent and proactive patent portfolio strategy is crucial to properly manage an IP portfolio in today's highly competitive business climate. Some businesses choose to file and maintain patent applications in U.S. and international markets. A broader, business-based approach to patent management and enforcement can increase the value of such international patent portfolios. Patents are often a significant part of business's overall value, so attention to maintaining and enhancing them is important for the holder to successfully move forward and grow.

In some instances, companies may choose to implement an approach similar to an investment portfolio where the issues include scale, diversification, selling, buying and asset allocation. The portfolio should be viewed as an integrated whole instead of individual patents. This spreads risk over various patents and thus lowers the chance of litigation having a major impact on the holder and minimizing long-term risk. Effective portfolio management can also help a company gain category leadership and maintain it for the long term.

The attorneys at Rhodes LLP have nearly five decades of intellectual property law experience. This allows us to recognize and track important opportunities to effectively guide clients to better address business and marketplace needs. Whether you are a small startup or company moving into new markets, we have been recognized for unsurpassed knowledge and experience in global and U.S. patent matters.

Patent Portfolio Management Services

Effective analysis and guidance come from combining legal, business and technical principles. We apply this integrated approach to our services, including:

  • Developing domestic and foreign portfolio strategies, including filing and freedom to operate
  • Patentability, validity and other infringement options
  • Evaluating manufacturing and research and development to determine current and future assets
  • Determining IP assets that can be effectively licensed without negative impact
  • Contract matters involving supply, development and licensing
  • Train staff on strategies to protect IP assets

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