Noninfringement And Valuation Of Freedom-To-Operate Counseling And Opinions

Sometimes a business believes its intellectual property is being infringed; other times it makes sense for a business to examine the intellectual property rights of others to reduce the risk of getting into an expensive dispute.

The attorneys at our firm often assist clients with evaluating IP issues that require infringement or validity analyses to reduce the risk of IP issues arising when a new product or service is launched. And if the review identifies a conflict, we can even help clients to minimize the risk of infringement claims. Our lawyers' nearly 50 years of collective intellectual property law experience is a real asset for those planning to enter the market on a local, national or international level.

Helping You Determine Your Next Steps

Sometimes it is better to test the water before you jump in. Determining important IP issues early in the development of a new product will not only avoid wasting money on a product that is not viable, but also increases the value of those products that are viable. At Rhodes LLP, we offer a variety of IP opinions:

  • Infringement and/or validity analyses: This is the first step in determining potential conflicts.
  • Freedom-to-operate opinion: An opinion of counsel that there are no preexisting or emerging patents that will affect the ability to develop a particular product.
  • Noninfringement opinion: An opinion of counsel that indicates that one or more patents are not infringed by a particular product or process.
  • Invalidity opinion: An opinion of counsel that states that one or more patent claims is invalid.
  • Design-around opinions: This explains how to change your design to minimize the risk of infringement liability.

How We Can Help You

Contact us to discuss your product, idea or invention and how to bring it to the next phase of development. You can call our office in San Francisco at 415-800-1527 or email us through this site.