IP Licensing And Other IP-Related Agreements

Licensing allows one business to use another's intellectual property. Licensed rights can include trademarks, patents, trade secrets, technology and other technical know-how. If correctly structured, licensing agreements and technology transfer arrangements can be lucrative to the intellectual property owner and help bring ideas to the commercial marketplace. For the licensee, it can reduce the need for increased capital to develop a new product in a previously unchartered market.

The lawyers at Rhodes LLP have nearly 50 years of collective experience working with clients in navigating this area of law. Whether you are exploring your licensing and agreement options domestically or internationally, we have extensive experience in safely guiding our clients through what can be a challenging but ultimately rewarding business venture.

The Benefits Of Licensing

As mentioned above, it can be quite lucrative to license your intellectual property. There are other positives as well:

  • It does not require a large amount of capital or resources.
  • It is less risky to enter a market with a local partner because you are working with someone familiar with that market.
  • It may be helpful to partner with a local business to enter the market.

What IP Licensing And IP Agreements Can Avoid

Some business deals just do not work out for a variety of reasons. It is crucial to protect yourself and your business against this possibility. Issues may arise because of nonuse or cancellation, or the partner was unwilling or unable to commit to making the deal a success. It is also important to protect your intellectual property against infringement by a former partner if the agreement is not honored in good faith: You want to avoid creating your own competitor.

The Right Attorney Can Increase Your Odds Of Licensing Success

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