International Intellectual Property Guidance

Navigating new target markets outside of your home country takes planning to ensure that all your important and valuable intellectual property is protected. IP counseling is also helpful in ensuring you are coordinating IP issues in an international IP portfolio or in multijurisdictional proceedings.

Considering the investment of manpower and money that it takes to enter new markets, it is best to speak with an intellectual property lawyer to help navigate your business through this process.

The attorneys at San Francisco-based Rhodes LLP have extensive international IP litigation experience and have worked with clients for decades in navigating international IP issues, whether it is working with a network of foreign IP attorneys in obtaining IP rights in foreign jurisdictions or resolving IP disputes in foreign countries.

Major Issues To Consider

Here are some international IP issues the attorneys at Rhodes LLP can help you navigate:

  • File patent applications following the protocols of the Patent Cooperation Treaty
  • File trademark applications internationally, including under the Madrid Protocol
  • Determine if any treaties are in place between home and target markets
  • How courts in the new market handle IP issues
  • Dispute resolution in foreign countries
  • Manage multijurisdictional proceedings
  • Foreign licensing of your property and negotiating terms

Contact Us To Discuss Your International IP Matter

It is always the best practice to be well-prepared before undertaking any serious business endeavor. It makes the process go more smoothly and the right legal guidance can help avoid costly mistakes. Call our San Francisco office at 415-800-1527 or contact us through our website.